Pasir Putih Beach is a maritime and nature tourism destination, as it is between sea and mountains. And to think that Situbondo Pasir Putih Beach came to be known, because it is a beautiful beach and beautiful, sparkling white sand concave. Sea, beach, forest and mountains are the main attractions that you like.

Pasir Putih resort is located on the northern coast of East Java and long Bungatan district - 21 km west of Situbondo and easy to transport costs, because it is a semi-main road between Surabaya and Banyuwangi. It is 174 km from Surabaya is Pasir Putih Beach and takes about 4 hours by bus and about 2 hours Ketapang, Banyuwangi.

Some attractions Pasir Putih
As a marine tourism resort is located Pasir Putih Beach Bondo is the ideal place for water sports like swimming, diving and windsurfing. This beach also sports often competing, either regionally or nationally. Such as windsurfing, sailing and traditional boat fishing competitions are often held here.
Many attractions that you can enjoy over there, they are:

  • Diving. If you like Diving and under water adventure, Pasir Putih will bring you to your special satisfaction because it has beautiful under water life such as coral reef and colorful fishes.
  • Canoeing.
  • Pasir Putih provides those who like canoeing with fiber glass canoeing board.
  • Swimming. It's very nice to swimming in the warm seawater of Pasir Putih tourism resort after having a great hike.
  • Sailing on the traditional boat. You can have great fishing or just having a close look at beautiful coral reef and colorful fishes.
  • Wonderful sunrise and sunset will give you special impression while your stay over there.
  • In October, you can see “ Petik Laut” (traditional feast for fishermen held to ask for the God's mercy and blessing, in order to get prosperity by holding some festivals, shows of traditional music like “Gandrung” and also by throwing some food, cakes, the head of an ox to the sea in special ceremony.
  • Public Facilities
  • Pasir Putih tourist resort is less than a Situbondo local government leadership and management of state enterprises is common. It offers visitors some of the necessary services, such as:
  • Hotels and cafes. There are some hotels such as Sido Muncul Hotel which has 44 rooms, Mutiara Hotel which has 12 rooms, Pasir Putih Hotel which has 21 rooms, 10 motels and 26 cottages, 2 cafes, convention building enough for 1000 people and a large parking area.
  • All night diners, which sell various seafood
  • Art and souvenir shops. You can buy some wooden handicraft and others.
  • Sightseeing Huts
  • A tennis court
  • Camping area
  • Public convenience and playground
  • A swimming pool
  • A convention hall
  • Car rental and it is cost 350.000 for 18 hours (not including driver and fuel)

The route
Pasir Putih can access both directions. First, since Bungurasih (Surabaya bus station), you can take the bus going to Banyuwangi and the price is 16,000 rupees on the bus and it takes about four hours, but the price is 26,000 rupees if you take bus legs (air-conditioned one fifty-eight seats on the return path in a province with fixed rates). The second direction is Banyuwangi can also take the bus with the bus fare of 13,000 rupees and the station can take public transportation (Bemo) or the regular bus fare is about Rp. 2500 ..

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