East Java (Jatim) Park is located on Jl. Kartika Batu 2 new recreation tourism provides fun entertainment for all levels. It starts with small children to grandma and grandpa. Of course, this resort is a family tour in East Java. Go to a place not too difficult, since the objective is only 2, 5 kg m Batu city. This goal is to travel about 22 hectares wide and 850 meters height above sea level, unless more data, and support services to various recreation area to relax.

Jatim Park can be said for the various tourist destination in East Java, in addition provides a place of rest and research center, we have a wide range of new information. Jatim Park is at least 36 different instruments that visitors can enjoy. Before enjoying the support of all visitors to the recreation area you will find an interesting "Galeri Nusantara". Then came "Taman Sejarah", which contained a miniature of the temple in East Java, as the temple Sumberawan (Singosari-Malang Regency), Customs House is Kiai Hasan Besar Ponorogo and the statue Sumberawan.

The other facility that can be enjoyed is "crops Agro Park 'and the scarcity of fruits, animals, diorama, which is unique animals that have been preserved, support for the games (bowling, disco ball launch scooter) and Ken Ken Arok Dedes food center, etc.

Jatim Park is suitable for family recreation. Recreation area pages offer unforgettable tour and can be used by kids to study alternative media.

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