Batu city is located 800 meters above sea level, and cold temperatures from 17 to 25.6 degrees Celsius. Batu city is an area of East Java, which is surrounded by mountains. Batu is geographically in the tropics. Powers respecting the characteristics of agro-products, fruits, vegetables, landscapes of mountains and hills. When visitors enter the city and fresh mountain air Batu is satisfied with us.

Batu has explored her efforts to show his power of nature tourism. The alternative, which had made it hot pool Cangar corrected and restored. Meanwhile, elsewhere as an alternative to new tourism are also beginning to emerge, they are; Jatim Park, Selecta Songgoriti, agro-tourism, Coban Rondo waterfall, Mont Panderman, Arjuno Mount, Mount Welirang, Mount Ukir , Mount Banyak.

Batu city is the main objective of tourism to national and foreign tourists. There are many tourist objects Batu become the subject of sleep for visitors, especially mountain tourist. In support of these objects of tourism, Batu provided with hotels, inns, houses and other houses, the mountains shade. In addition, Batu city also called "Millions Batu A city of beauty."

Besides the city of tourism, Batu city has many kinds of artistic culture, art and culture tradisional, such as; concept more Kuda (Horse Dance) is Campursari (Javanese music), etc. Also known as Batu area agri- city and town of artists, because it has art and art galleries. Batu city also produces apples, vegetables and garlic.

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