Located in Wonocoyo village, Panggul district, about 56 km south of Trenggalek. This beach is still natural and well known, with its big waves. Not far from the beach (300 m) fell 25 meters in height. It is a place where people can take a bath intended to cure diseases and make people stay young. In addition, visitors can also admire the magnificent panorama of the coast from a small hill near the beach.

Nature lovers may need to ask when visiting the beautiful Pelangi Beach and Virgin. Say that the site is Kuta, Niagara, and packaging Karangbolong may be excessive. This Pelangi you can spend your free time lying on the white sand, listening to poetry in the sea with no beach bums hanging curious, massage, or a souvenir sellers and think of the spectacular cave!

Panggung district is located, Pelangi is a pleasant place to visit, especially for those who are too obsessed with luxury. This is a quiet place so you can hear the voice of the swallow, including the rhythm of the waves are similar to those of Kuta Beach. There is no restaurant or hotel around Pelangi. If you want to spend the night on the beach, you will need to bring their own tents and sleeping bags and bring your own food.

Along the hilly road to Pelangi, you will enjoy views of the hills on a very unique configuration. One of the hills at a distance like a huge pile impressive among others. You think that you would never be able to come to close. But when you come to Dongko, the culmination of the road that the hill is right beside you, as a pin, which may have been installed by Mother Nature to keep the soil stable. The beauty of Pelangi have unfortunately not been able to call any investor. Although the nature of this place must be kept unchanged, we need some polishing. When you lie on the beach, close your eyes and listen to the voice of nature.

This beach is located in northern Situ Bondo. It is about 5 km from Situ Bondo. Here you can see the natural beach and marvelous when it sunset.

In Pathek west on the beach, you will see history shows that is Panarukan Street (Situbondo). This road was built in the Dutch government. Beach is exactly Pathek Gelung Village neighborhood Panarukan, Situbondo.

This park is a protected area of forest, which covers about 25,000 acres on the north coast of East Java. Location is Sumberwaru village in the district of Banyuwangi, Situbondo (the eastern edge of Java Island). You can enjoy the view and install Savannah Baluran (active volcano), the center of an area that becomes a living environment, many exotic animals such as pigs, deer, peacocks, wild chicken, some species of monkeys and also bulls as pets protected region.

You can enjoy the magnificent views of the forest and safari activities and feel the magic of the jungle. This park is unique because 15 km from the main entrance, is a beautiful white beach called Bama Beach, here in the coral reef fish and mangrove single-rooms.

Also check out hundreds of species of birds such as hornbills, peacocks and nightingales. If you like watching tropical forest vegetation, the park is a haven for many species of trees, plants and flowers such as pecan nut trees, Maja, Gadung, Java tamarind trees and mount Widara

There are several things you can do in this park, such as: - Safari Forest - Forest adventures - Scuba diving and snorkelling - hiking and mountain climbing mount - Hiking - Adventure Beach to see activities fishermen by day and seed for asylum seekers - Canoeing, rowing or boating until you the Fresh Water Gulf, Sejile Gulf and Bilik Beach.

  • Conducting some scientific researching (with prior permission).
  • Facillities
  • If you prefer to safari to Baluran National Park, there are some cottage designed in Madurese style and operated by Environmental Education Center. There is also a main lodge that will serve you European and Indonesia cuisine.
  • Villas and lodges, you can rent them with your group members (about 20 persons capacity) and the also provide a praying room and a canteen.
  • There are two guesthouses by the beach, but you should have prior reservation.
  • Baluran Information Centre and a small museum that has several preserved animals by the main entrance operated by The Forestry Conservation Region Office.
  • The visitor can do many activities, such as; Diving, Swimming, boating, snorkeling
  • Playground
  • A beautiful camping area that is located in Sumberwaru village (outside of the forest preservation area)
  • Watching Towers that are usually used by rangers to watch or to observe the animals' behaviors and the region surrounding (you can bring a pair of binoculars or telescope to have a better look at the beautiful panorama)

Try to keep a wide range of industries, it is better to go to a car or a car Baluran Denpasar or Surabaya. You can also rent a car or Situbondo Pasir Putih tourist resort. There is also motorbike public transportation called “ojek” in the main entrance that will take you to Bama Beach (with Negotiated cost)

The Route
If you take a car, it takes 5 hours from Surabaya and 4 hours from Denpasar, Bali.
For tourists who stay in Pasir Putih, it takes 1.5 hours and only 1 hours from Situbondo.

The National Park is one of the most beautiful sights in East Java. The beauty of the mountain, to give a specific and characteristic of green plants, a great interest. Tenggerese traditional agriculture is also famous for its place is interesting and attractive. Also, cool and breezy wind always blows not only to give especially deep impression on visitors with unforgettable memories.

Accessibility is a problem, and much can be done (by Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang). Well, to give different access to different landscapes landscape properties. The altitude, where approximately 2392 meters of altitude and temperature ranges from 3-20 degrees Celsius.

Facilities: luxury hotels stays at home, restaurants and many others who have been visitors can be found. People who live in this area should come from Majapahit Kingdom about six hundred years ago. They belonged to Hinduism Tenggerese traditional old. This tradition still survives to date. Each year, they still have traditional and religious ceremonies, and the most popular Yadnya Kasadi, who was a sacrificial ceremony at the edge of the crater at the summit of Mount Bromo.