Gili Nanggu is a small island southwest of Lombok with a white sand beach, is surrounded by many small islands, which also beautiful place for diving and swimming.

A number of islands near Gili Gili nanggu ideal for snorkeling and diving, as Kedis Gili, Gili Poh, Gili Gede, and many other west side f sekotong bay.Seeking calm and quiet, sometimes its hard to leave. A place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of having to suspend their daily activities.

Those who are interested in maritime recreation, snorkel, sunbathe on the beach, or relax at the place of natural beauty, why not stay in Gili Nanggu. The island of 12.5 hectares area West Lombok settled in Forest / Virgin Island concepts of nature reserves exploited. Serenity and beauty makes the island Gili Nanggu routine destination for many foreign tourists. Gili Nanggu called "Paradise Island"

On the white sand beach calm wave, you're guaranteed the protection of privacy, no beach traders or unwelcome guests. This island is private and is inhabited by management and employees of the station. The enchanting sea casts a spell on very many visitors. It is the unspoiled beauty is a magnet to play on the beach every day. Only by walking a few meters from the shallow seabed, crystal clear water will show colorful marine fish tame. And a wide range of other marine animals can also be seen.

Twitter Sing-song of birds will take you to take a sunrise, and the silence of natural sunlight, creating a romantic atmosphere, making Gili Nanggu a suitable place for couples to enjoy the honeymoon. Love watching the birds and the beach, Gili Nanggu someone dear to your heart.

This small island (12.5 hectares area), fabulous white sand beaches to sit in the south-west of Lombok is easily accessible by boat or flaps Harbour Tau (Tawun). There is only low to moderate resort with thatched cottages and bungalows. Here in low season (January to April), you know almost all of this private island. Here is a good snorkeling, even for beginners, small reef close to the beach, with lots of colorful fish, get used to people swimming in calm water and crystal. Also since 1995, the sea turtle conservation program for new sources of breeding turtles in

Gili Nanggu located west of Lombok, is a small island of 12.5 hectares. Yet the island feels a lot bigger than this, and its smooth corners of natural beauty and residential spots.The underwater world is also beautiful, with lots of colorful fish swimming near the beach and warm tropical water.

Traveling the island is relatively easy - it's a boat 45 minutes from Lombok Lemba Harbor, or a boat trip of 15 minutes from Tau Harbor, also Lombok.A Lemba Selaparang a taxi from the airport takes about 45 minutes to an hour after the airport, Tau takes about 90 minutes.

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