Seminyak is a joint service / residential area on the west coast of Bali, north of Kuta and Legian. Originally a separate municipality, it is now just a suburb of Kuta. This area is very popular among foreign residents and land prices and housing are the highest in Bali. Many luxury spas and hotels abound. Due to its high density of high-end stores, together with the consolidation of the many fine eating establishments, it has quickly become one of the most popular tourist areas of the island.

Other well know areas popular with tourists include Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Bukit Peninsula.

In addition to a few strip mall with restaurants, bars and good crafts / furniture shops, there are some major establishments: Ku De Ta, which is great (but reasonable) restaurant, a cult based on its beach side / semi-resort atmosphere, and Oberoi, which is expensive hotel ($ 400-800/night) and global reputation. The Firefly Restaurant is located north of Seminyak Beach, and is in force for over a decade.

Jalan Raya Seminyak (more often called Jalan Legian) bisects the region and acts as its main artery.

Pangandaran is a small town in the south and subdistrict Ciamis Regency, West Java, Indonesia. Located on the southern coast of Java. Pangandaran is a popular tourist destination, the beach, which is considered one of the best Java and offers excellent windsurfing.

A kite festival held on the beach in July and August It is reported that the premises used to fly kites at night to catch bats, and we can still do it. There is a local belief that wearing green clothing in this area will anger Loro Kidul, the guardian spirit of Java or the Goddess of the South Seas, and bring misfortune.

The Penanjung Pangandaran nature reserve nearby on a peninsula connected to mainland by a narrow strip of land. About eighty percent of the natural reserve is the secondary tropical forest. The flora of the nature reserve includes Rafflesia.

The tsunami struck the region July 17, 2006. submarine earthquake measured 7.7 on the Richter scale has launched a tsunami of three meters. was caused extensive damage and hundreds of people were reported to be dead or missing.

Sanur is known as the first beach resort of Bali, Sanur is also the largest traditional village in Bali. You can imagine that Sanur is one among the many villages in Bali which has exceptional beaches. I could not blame you, but if you hear his story and testimony of her beauty that you see now Sanur in a different perspective.

Sanur is a particular country, known throughout Bali to witchcraft (black and white magic). Back in the '70s was a war going on among the masters of magic and magic of Sanur Village Kamasan Klungkung regency. Many said they saw the red light above the houses on fire flickering between the coconut trees and many strange things. Even the BBC is a trance film Sanur average person "Owned" by the spirit of England captain, perhaps one of the commercial vessels based on Sanur coral reef. In addition to this reputation, Sanur is also known as a place where they can dance just all Bali's keris female, Bali, the script oldest stone (pillar emblazoned dated AD 913 called Prasar Blanjong, now regarded as the temple Blanjong Village south side of Sanur) and its five stars. Sanur is indeed a muse for famous artists, including Belgian painter Le Mayeur (his studio home is now known as Le Mayeur Museum and opens for public), writer Vicki Baum, writer/musician Walter Spies, and many others.

Sanur Knowing a bit before now, you may wonder about its beauty. If you have never gone to the beach of Sanur, let me tell you ... close your eyes and imagine sitting on a beach, for example, 5:00. It could have been just another ordinary day, but today, he meets a surprising way. After watching the sunrise - the orange light of the sun break of dawn, leaving the sky with a beautiful mix of colors. The rays of morning sun warms your body giving it a slight blush on the cheeks. Now we can say that you are fully embraced by the sunrise in Sanur beach!

During low tide, Sanur Beach looks very wide because it is a natural formation. It also includes a larger granules of white sand beach, the wider the bottom of the shallow sea. It is about 9 km east coast, stretches north to south. several beaches, which are still at sea Sari Sanur Beach, Grand Bali Beach, Padang Galak Beach, Semawang Beach and many others.

Sanur Beach is a walking path, which is normally used for jogging, cycling or afternoon walks. From afar, you'll see a number of traditional fishing boats called Jukung the rest of their anchors. Months, usually December to February often brings a wave of waste algae, Ocean Beach, which makes it so the beach looks dirty. Sanur Beach, calm water makes a good swim and to experience water recreation, including sea kayaking, speed, water skiing, and many others. Because it is near the city of Denpasar (10 minutes), would rather go to Bali Sanur Beach, instead of going toward the south, as Kuta, Seminyak, and others. Therefore, in the afternoon on Sunday was packed with local families and tourists. Similar number of Kuta hawkers trying to sell their goodies, but this time as less hassled.

Watch the sunrise, embrace the morning mist and be touched by the aurora. Then…your day will be significantly different.

A well known beach on the north coast of the island of God, where you can see dolphins swimming around and I greet you with their shutters and creaking! It extends to the whole northern coast of small villages Kaliasem & Temukukus, Kalibubuk, Anturan, Tukad Mungga Pemaron and its main public spaces. A beautiful sunset here seems to be constantly illuminated and it is also complementary, ideal for water sports. The sand along the beach is grayish black in color due to lack of waves and warm water. This is sort of deals with quiet beach. Like a dolphin show or a point of good snorkeling, and a better price, I suggest you take the local service. Make an appointment with him and rent a private boat instead of renting boats that are already on the beach.

Takes about 3-5 hours from the Ngurah Rai airport to Lovina beach. You can go straight up from Kuta to Singaraja, passing Bedugul, or might prefer to take a slightly longer route through Kintamani, head west and feel the cool breeze on Mt Batur before reaching the beach Lovina.